Givmar was the dream of Paul Givens. Paul started his dream in 1980 after being a machinist since 1955, and his traditions and business practices are alive today with the help of Sue Givens, Troy Givens, and the loyal employees that have been at Givmar throughout the years. In 1990, Givmar purchased the 15,000 square foot building in Mountain View where we produced precision and quality parts until 03/31/2021. Givmar has become part of the Tobar Industries team of companies. Givmar has always prided itself on quality and the understanding of its customer’s needs. We have a reputation for making difficult parts that other companies will not make. This is still true today as it was in 1980.​

Givmar specializes in large parts, hard-to-produce parts, and structures. We have worked with many engineers on R & D projects and small production. Givmar can machine various materials, including titanium, aluminum (all types), copper, 17-4, 316, nitronic 60, kovar, invar, and other exotic metals.

Givmar’s working relationship with the employees accounts for the longevity of their employment. One employee has been with the company since 1983. At any given time we generally employ approximately 14 people.