Computer Numerical Control Milling is a machining technique that sculpts various types of materials progressively. The cutting tool follows a set of programmed instructions on a workpiece until it takes on the desired shape.
Suitable mediums: metal, plastic, wood, and glass.


Computer Numerical Control Turning is a manufacturing technique that rapidly rotates a workpiece while a subtraction element on the turret mills it. The turret may perform other rotary on a workpiece, usually drilling holes, depending on the instructions.
Suitable mediums: metal, plastic, and wood.


Milling on a manual milling machine allows an operator to control the position of a workpiece on an axis, applying it to a subtraction element with discretion. This is typically used for slotting or reducing the width of a workpiece.
Suitable mediums: metal, plastic, wood, and glass.


Surface grinding machines the exterior of a workpiece, in order to smooth or slightly reduce in width the size of a material. Depending on the material and desired smoothness, different grinders may be applied in order to bring a workpiece to a near polish.
Suitable mediums: metal, plastic, wood, and glass.


Depending on the level of finish a workpiece needs, honing a material can produce very smooth bored holes. For workpieces manufactured for use in a rotary fashion, or made to fit very precisely on a cylindrical hold, honing is a necessary machining technique. Suitable mediums: metal, plastic, wood, and glass.


Contract inspection machines follow a set of programmed instructions for testing the finished result of a workpiece. A head will typically detect edges and pressure according to the specifications in order to gauge whether the workpiece falls within an allowed deviation. This ensures manufacturing at scale produces consistent results.

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